Article of The Now (August 2014)

How This Works

How does the voting work, you may be asking? Well, it's rather simple really... Just leave a comment with the new of the story you wish to win before July 26th and which ever story winds up with the most comments wins... However, if two or more stories have the same amount of votes by July 26th, the admins will decide on their favourite story from the winning stories, and it'll be chosen as Article of The Now

Also, you may be wondering, what can I get if my story wins? Well, we aren't giving away actual prizes (we aren't rich you know!), but your page will be locked to prevent vandalism (unless you're admin, you won't be able to access it, so ask an admin if you want to change something); your page will have a little badge at the top telling those who read the story, that it won and when it won; your story will be featured on the front page for a month; and you can feel special... That's all.