his face after he ate the game

zomg i saw patrixxx doing ths

or somethingEdit

so evl patrixxxx wanted 2 gat a pokemon game and went to Ebay (it stands for EVILBAY BECAUSE OF ALL THAT HAUNTED SHIT YOU FIND ON IT) and he found a copy of paukemon poopy brown! so he bought it for 0.69 drewland dollars and spongeboob wentto patrixxxs house and pooped out tha gaime and patrixxx decided 2 go to spongboobs house and steal his potatoes and tomatoes and like something else that ends with toe!! but one of the potatos became alive while he was eating it and got shoved up his butt and that is how pokemon games are created they are not evil or anythin but ya now you can make your own!!!!!!!/1???? oh yes and then he ate ta game with a side of spongeboob and it was really super swell. te endEdit