EVIL PATRIXXX was bored. He decided to go to South Park on a vacation. He was dropped off at the bus stop where 3 boys and a fatass were standing. EVIL PATRIXXX decided to kill the boy in da hood. "OH MY GOD, EVIL PATRIXXX KILLED KENNY!" said one of the boys, shocked that they see their friend dead. "YOU BASTARDS!" said the boy in the green hat. EVIL PATRIXXX decided to kill the other two boys. "Finally, that Jew deserved to die since 1999. Thank God you killed them." said the fatass. EVIL PATRIXXX decided to kill the fat one because he was so annoying. EVIL PATRIXXX decided to explore the rest of the town. He met a boy with a blue chullo hat, who flipped him off. EVIL PATRIXXX was pissed and he killed the blue hat kid. The bluehat kid's black friend was surprised. "HOLY CRAP! IF YOU DON'T KILL ME I'LL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY!" said the black guy. EVIL PATRIXXX decided to kill him too, because he was black and he had money. Meanwhile, a kid with a wheelchair and a kid with crutches walked by (but since they're crippled, they can't walk!) and they asked EVIL PATRIXXX for directions. "TIMMY TIMMY LIVIN' A LIE!" said the one in the wheelchair, and EVIL PATRIXXX killed him. "H-H-H-Ho-Ho- Holy C-c-crap!" said the kid with the crutches, before EVIL PATRIXXX killed him. EVIL PATRIXXX decided that he wanted to buy coffee. So, he went to the coffee store next to the movie theater. Outside, there was a kid with blonde hair that appeared to be on meth. "Oh Jesus!" said the tweaked out kid, and EVIL PATRIXXX killed him. "Holy crap!" said two girls walking by, one of them blonde and the other with a purple french hat. EVIL PATRIXXX killed them too. Meanwhile, a british kid walked by and said "Ello there, my name is Pip! Would you please kindly stop killing all my friends?", and shaked EVIL PATRIXXX's hands. As usual, EVIL PATRIXXX killed him.

3 hours later....

EVIL PATRIXXX had killed the whole cast. Randy, Mr. Garrison, Jimbo, Ned, Big Gay Al, Mr. Mackey, you name it.