Originally this was going to be a series I would write, but then I decided it would be more fun to make a collab... There will be 15 parts overall, and everyone can create one if they want... OKFROFRFRGR

How it all began... (Part 1/5): HabergeonEdit

The sun rose on a beautiful summer's morning, as EVIL PATRIXXX awoke and climbed out of bed. He showered himself, brushed his teeth, then got in his car and began riding around the neighbourhood. He spotted a Denny's where he could eat some pancakes, and drove towards it. He ran over six pedestrians as he parked in the Denny's parking lot, then he got out of his car and entered the building. He ordered some pancakes and when they arrived, he ate them (and the plate) in one gulp, then smashed the window and ran away.

The police were alerted, and they began to chase after EVIL PATRIXXX, in a car chase. EVIL PATRIXXX began throwing flaming toasters at them, which resulted in many policemen dying. More and more began showing up, and began circling him. EVIL PATRIXXX got out of his car, and ran into a dark, spooky alleyway. When he reached the end of the alleyway, he spotted a tastey, shiney, yellow, metal turd that he ate. But, when he ate it he began turning blue, and he realised... "This isn't some regular turd... this is a Time Traveling Turd!™®©

Just as the police found him, and started to shoot at him, he vanished...

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!1!1!1!!!1!1!!!!!1!1!1!!1!!

Written by Habergeon

Terror at the Titanic... (Part 2/5): Gigan389Edit

It was a beautiful night aboard the Titanic, couple danced as violins and cheloes played. They ate food and candle lite lables, when, FLASH! A massive blue light blowed up in the middle of the room, and Evil Patrixxx stood int he middle of it. As the light slowly faded away, Evil Patrixxx became visible. A woman screamed and Evil Patrixxx yelled to. People began to run from the room. And so did Evil Patrixxx (after eating the food in the room), and the came out onto the deck, people where dancing as a screaming hord of people came out. The dancing stopped, as did the music, as Evil Patrixxx came out. People with knifes ran toward him as he pushed them to the ground and laughed. Evil Patrixxx killed someone when a man with a large gun came out and Evil Patrixx jumoed off the boat.

Evil Patrixxx was hit by the front of the boat, and put a massive hole in the front of the boat. Evil Patrixxx's stomach then began to rumble, then he began to glow, and poof, he vanished

detective patrixxx ... ( part 3/5 ) angrybirds720 Edit

patrixxx fell into the portal then he found patrixxx , detective patrixxx , patrixxx and detective patrixxx had a lot of fun , drinking beer , then


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