It has been reported for over eight thousands (those historians LOVED dragon ballz, apperantly) times already that Evil Patrixxx indeed invented the first language, which by the historians is called Mid-Atlantic Shitoyot,  The Allcaps Tounge or L33T SP33K. The L33T SP33K is usually written in this very wiki.

How to writeEdit

L33T SP33K is heavily based off english, but the diffrence is that you need to speak like a dimwitted teenager who thinks that cursing is what makes him a so called "cool guy" but it just makes him a shit face fused with numbers murdering and masqarading as letters, as Evil Patrixx learnt from the computer screen of one of his mutilated victims.

To advance, simply after saying the magic sentence (PLZZZZZZ don't let it get ruind by the crappy Patrixxx) three times and alakazm! you speak L33T.


4LL H41L IVAL PETRIXXXX!!!!!!!1111


How to speakEdit

As recorded, the first word ever said out loud was during the big BANGZ, the first sentance was: "EVIL PATRIXXX, I WANNNA TAK U TO DA MOVEES!!!!111", which afterwards, Evil Patrixxx hyper-realisticly used his S.H.I.T power on him (BANGZ immediatly went to the bathroom and died). Nevertheless, to speak L33T you have to scream from the top of your lungs, say how random you are, then speak like, as the medical experts terms: "A Total Retard", or, an average teenager internet user. The more retardicly you speak, the more sophisticated you are.

written by Hunterofyou (i'm back, bitches!)