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This is Mr. Krabxxx

Mr. Krabxxx is an ancient creature/entity that has been on Earth since 1200 B.C. His one goal in life is to kill every thing. He is an enemy to all characters in the Evil Patrixxx Mythos.


Mr. Krabxxx fell from the sky in the 1200 B.C. and right into a Viking battle. The first thing he saw was people being killed, so this is what he does with his life. He killed all the Vikings and ran away into the night. He later found a came in Japan in the year 1512, and lived there for his whole life.


Mr. Krabxxx is known to kill people and other living things. His purposs in life is to kill everything he comes across. He is also known to love rocks and potatoes. He hates PLANKTOXXX because he stole Mr. Krabxxx’s formuler.

location Edit

It is unknown where he currently lives, but it is rumored that he currently resides in Japan.


  • Mr. Krabxxx was seen eating a feild of potatoes in Japan.
  • Mr. Krabxxx was seen with a whole chart of rocks walking to his cave in the woods in Japan.
  • Mr. Krabxxx was recently seen fighting two great white sharks in the ocean near his cave in Japan.