reNormal Patrixxx is a being who is out to destroy Evil Patrixxx and Patrixxx. Despite hating both Patrixxx and Evil Patrixxx, he is friends with Spongeboxxx (formerly) and Squidwarxxx.

personality: Edit

Normal Patrixxx tries to kill Patrixxx and Evil Patrixxx a lot but often gets bored and then des some random thing.

Creation: Edit

Normal Patrixxx was a creature that came into existence after Evil Patrixxx was captured by Patrixxx. Patrixx tried to clone Evil Patrixxx in an attempt to have a body guard, but out came Normal Patrixxx who attempted to kill them both

First death: Edit

his first death was when he tried to kill Patrixxx but was shot dead by Spongeboxxx.

Revival: Edit

Normal Patrixx was revived by a hooker and is now after his revenge on Patrixxx, Evil Patrixxx, and Spongeboxx.

Second death: Edit

he died a second time when he choked on piece of vegetable.

Second revival: Edit

Normal Patrixxx was revived again by a magic Jeff the Killer who wanted a beagle.

Rise of the Normal Patrixxx Empire Edit

Normal Patrixxx took over the world and seemingly executed Evil Patrixxx. However, Evil Patrixxx was revived by a witch and wanted revenge.

3rd death: Edit

Normal Patrixxx tried to kill Evil Patrixxx but was shot dead by Billyxxx while they robbed the first national bank of Normal Patrixxx.

3rd resurrection Edit

Normal Patrixxx was resurrected when someone said the word ham.

Duel with Evil Patrixxx Edit

Normal and Evil Patrixxx had a duel witch resulted in Normal Patrixxx being knocked out for two months. As well as the destruction of the Normal Patrixxx Empire.

Revival: Edit

Billyxxx and Evil Billyxxx secretly revived Normal Patrixxx for Squidwarxxx.

Authors apologies: Edit

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