Although evil Patrixx mystirosly disapeard after the 1962 hikers accident, some clues might suggest his whereabouts 

Asia CluesEdit

Recently in 1432, in an unknown villege in Jordan, an old man reported that his sponge was literally full of shit. That might suggest that evil Patrixx used his Super Hyperrealistic Inner Turd (S.H.I.T) power on Squidwarxx in disguise of Spongeboxx.

It's has been reveled that the old man is actually a former Patrixx supporter.

After 2,984 years, the old man died from laser infection that could came from evil Patrixx.

Atlantis cluesEdit

Long ago in 8703 at the bottom of the sea, Atlantis, the crappy house of Neptoxxx was set on fire from thunder. Two days later a short ladder was found near the house. The finger printes revels thats Patrixx or evil Patrixx used the ladder to force Jupitexx create thunder (Patrixx), or to use his thunder eyes to set the house on fire (evil Patrixx).

Post your findingsEdit

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