Prehistoric Patrixxx

Prehistoric Evil Patrixxx from the Goji Island Timeline who is the descendant of Evil Patrixxx from prehistoric times and helped the evolution of SCP-1000. He is friends with Prehistoric Squidwarxxx and enemies with Prehistoric Patrixxx and Prehistoric Spongeboxxx. He has the ability to create Patlettes, fire lazers eyes, rot tooth, and thunder blast.

History Edit

Prehistoric Evil Patrixxx was created when he climbed out of the dirt in Prehistoric Times when Prehistoric Patrixxx was born. He was raised by a clan of prehistoric apes. These apes were killed by Prehistoric Patrixxx and Prehistoric Spongeboxxx when Prehistoric Evil Patrixxx was off getting food. This is when Prehistoric Evil Patrixxx met Prehistoric Squidwarxxx, who was trying to save the ape clan. Prehistoric Evil Patrixxx and Prehistoric Squidwarxxx were friends from this point on.