Squidwarxxx is a enemy of SpongeBoxxx, and Patrixxx, but is friends with Evil Patrixxx.

This is what Squidwarxxx looks like


August 1305.AD


  • Flying
  • Lazer Shooting Clarinet
  • 1 year wait resurrection




Squidwarxxx was born somewhere in August 1305.AD, Squidwarxxx purpose of existence was to kill SpongeBoxxx, and Patrixxx. 


Squidwarxxx is known to be grumpy, and violent.


  • Flying
  • Lazer Shooting Clarinet

Evil Patrixxx

50 years after Evil Patrixxx's failed attempt to attack, and destroy a village, Squidwarxxx was attacking a village, and realised Evil Patrixxx doing the same. They became friends shortly after, and made plans to invade the nearby country of Melonland.

The Invasion of Melonland

Squidwarxxx, and Evil Patrixxx set out, and invaded the country of Melonland during the year of 1925.AD.

They first attacked the village of Potatodonia, and by the end of the day over 10k people were lying dead on the streets.

3 years meanwhile, Patrixxx took notice and set out and attempted to stop the two, but was defeated and almost killed, but he quickly stepped out of the way, and went back home.

For 7 years the country of Melonland suffered many village attacks, and massacres, but Evil Patrixxx got hungry so they left and never returned