So I was an intern at Nickelodean (like every Spongebob Creepypasta Writer ever!) and I worked on the SpongeBoxxx Chairpats show,

We made

So one magical day, we recived a tape we thought was for the "FeeF of a Crappy Pataty" episode, so we started watching it, but it wasn't anything like the script...

The title card said "Squidwarxxx's Sucide" 

So it started with Squidwarxxx playing his bass, like usual, as Patrixxx burst through his door!

Evil Patrixxx proceeded to eat all of Squidwarxxx's belongings, and kicked him in his squidballs.

Squidwarxxx then started crying HYPER REALISTIC, HYPER REALISTIC, HYPER REALISTIC blood from his HYPER REALISTIC eyes.

Then 600 dead children images appeared.

Squidwarxxx then picked up his flamethrower and roasted marshmellows, then he picked up his shotgun and shot himself.... without eating the MARSHMELLOWS!

I pissed myself, another intern commited suicide, and another intern screamed and cried... and commited suicide.

So I then quit Nickelodean and vowed to never watch "Spongeboxxx Chairpats" ever again.

Written by: CosmicKitteh