Badge-1-6 TRAGGUR HURT AND PATRIXX GO TO NORTH KOREA was "The Article of the Now"


Patrixxx and Trigger Hurt were embarking on a journey to North Korea by ship... Just fucking kidding, they took a plane, but they had to dodge every missle and nook that were thrown at them. They finally landed on Kim Jong-un's house and then big explosion and Kim Jong-un dieded and his skeleton popped out.


"Trigger, we need to find a way out" Patrixxx said. Trigger Hurt was brainstorming for a plan. "I got it!" Trigger

Teh pikcher we took on teh missle

screamed. Trigger's plan was to get on a nuclear missle, ride it all the way to the United States, and then jump off at 2300 feet. Patrixxx thought the plan was genius and a pony with high intelligence and good education would've thought of that. Trigger thanked Patrixxx for the generous compliment.


Patrixxx and Trigger mounted theirselves onto the nuclear missle and braced for launch. The missle launched and it was like a 6 hour flight to the US. As they re-entered the atmosphere and reached their evacuation point, they jumped off of the missle and opened their parachutes, followed by landing safely in the Sahara Desert. The missle landed in Washington D.C, specifically Brock Obama's office. There was this big ass face of Osama Bitch Laden in the shockwave cloud. Trigger went back to Ponyville and Patrixxx went back to Bikini Bottom. They lived happily ever after in the end.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!Edit