Evil Patrixxx with blood.


Evil Patrixxx ran down the street with the dog his hand. he jumped into his red topless hot rod and raced down the street. While driving and eating Evil Patrixx put Rush 2112 into the cd player and pressed play. As the music start Police dirve down road after him while firing there guns. Evil Patrixxx quikly turns his red hot rod around and drives toward the cop car causing a fireiy crash, Evil Patrixxx jumps out of the car and runs down the street. Police fire rounds of bullets into EVIL PATRIXXX'S back and he falls down dead on the sidewalk.

A man walks into the funeral home with a bodie on a cart.The man pushes the bodie into the autopsea room to a doctor. "Here's another one." siad the man "Another police officer?" asked the doctor "No, some weird conehead looking dude." said the man while walking out the room. The doctor walked over to the bodie and pulled the sheet off of it to reveale Evil Patrixxx's dead bodie. The doctor walks across the room to get a tool for cuting into the bodie. The Doctor stabbs the knife into Evil Patrixxx's bodies and his reaches up and grabbs the Doctor's throwt. Evil Patrixxx grabs the knife and stabbs the doctor with it. Evil Patrixxx gets off the table runs through hall with the knife. Evil Patrixxx throws the knife at the nurse and runs out the door...

The CD Saga

Written by: Gigan389

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