Evil Patrixxx

This is a sequel to EVIL PATRIXXX WANTS HIS CD BACK!!!

Evil Patrixxx looked for his CD all through town. He look Down Town, Up Town, Side Town, and Other Side Town.  He finally finds the kid, and eats him and takes the CD, but gets shot dead. He dropped the CD and was put into an Ambulance. He was taken to a hospitle and put into coma...

Evil Patrixxx was in coma for five weeks. He woke after 7 weeks and killed a doctor and bloow up the hospital. He scream "Where my CD!" a person behind to him say "You mean 2112?" Evil Patrixxx turn around and the person is Squidwarxxx. Evil Patrixxx hugs Squidwarxxx and he asks "You seen my CD?" Yes." says Squidwarxxx "Where it is?" asks Evil Patrixxx "It was Bearyed with kid you ate."  "Really?! We go dig him up tonight?!" Say Evil Patrixxx "Of course, man." Say Squidwarxxx

That night Squidwarxxx and Evil Patrixxx go to graveyard and dig up the kid. Evil Patrixxx grab CD and yells "My CD!" Squidwarxxx and Evil  Patrixxx get in Squidrixxx super cool car and drive and 100 miles a hour. Cops follow them in their cars and shoot at Squidwarxxx's car...

To be Continued!

The CD Saga

Written by: Gigan389

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