This is a sequal to Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx Escape the Police

Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx drove down road as fast as they could.each one of them had a mean "I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE!!!" look on their face. After hours of driving, they found a CD store. They go inside and run around screaming. a store person comes to them and says "I'm sorry gentlemen, but we're gonna have to tell you two quit down.". Evil Patrixxx get super mad and punches the man across the face. The man falls to the ground and Evil Patrixxx throws a burito at his face. 

The two run out of the store into Squidwarxxx's car. "They had no good CDs there." says Squidwarxxx "I KNOW!!! WE NEED FIND A NEW STORE!!!!" yells Evil Patrixxx.

The two left town in search of a CD shop. They yelled things like "FUCK YOU!!!" and "I HATE EVERYTHING!!!" as they drove without music through the desert. When the two finnally find a CD store they arm them selves with Machetties and throwing knives. 

The two run into the store and kill every one. Inside they grab Clutch: RobotHive/Exodus, Mastodon: Once More 'Round the Sun, Black Sabbath: Vol. 4, and Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx run out the door with their CDs and get in Squidwarxxx's car. They drive away and put in the CD Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and drive down the Desert Highway.

To be Continued...

The CD Saga

Written by: Gigan389

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