This is a sequel to EVIL PATRIXXX WANTS HIS CD BACK 2!!!

Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx drove down the road as Police Officers drove after them firing guns at them. While going around a sharp corner Evil Patrixxx takes out 2112, and puts in Crack the Skye. As the first song starts, Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx start banging their heads. 

Squidwarxxx sharply turns the car turning around and facing the cops. They stop the car, and Squidwarxxx jumps out with a machette and chops the cops' heads off as they drive toward him. Squidwarxxx gets back into the car and the two drive away.

As they drive, the album stops playing. Evil Patrixxx takes out the CD and opens the glove box. "WE'RE OUT OF CDs!!!!!!" screams Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx stomps the breaks. Squidwarxxx quickly turns the car around and they drive off for a new CD.

The CD Saga

Written by: Gigan389

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