"We wont let you summon HIM!" Squidwarxxx yelled as burnt Normal Patrixxx alive.Then Evil Patrixxx and Squidwarxxx began to float into the air. The fire went out, the clouds thundered and lightinged, the ground shook, black fog began to steam from their anuses and lazers shot from their eyes! Then a giant light shown out of their bodies...

From Squidwarxxx's body drops small piles of grey sludge and from Evil Patrixxx's body dropped pink piles of sludge. The grey and pink piles then took form, the grey ones were small Squidwarxxxes called Squidlettes and the pink ones were small Evil Patrixxxes called Patlettes.

The Squidlettes and Patlettes swarmed Ghost Spongeboxxx, Patrixxx, and Normal Patrixxx, tearing the're ghost stuff to bit, only they didn't die. Instead the ghost bits floated back into the air. and formed back together. Patrixxx and Normal Patrixxx jump into the air and onto Ghost Spongeboxxx's back.

"We're done with this foooooock'n shit!!!" screamed Ghost Spongeboxxx and shot Squidwarxxx in the head. Squidwarxxes body fell to the ground and Ghost Spongeboxxx scooped up the body. They flew away with Squidwarxxx's body.

Evil Patrixxx, the Squidlettes, and the Patlettes stood there in the darkness and watched as they flew awayd.

To be continued..............

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