"BOOGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ghost Spongeboxxx screamed as 10 Vaporwave Ghosts rose up fro the dirty ground.

"HAHAHAHA" Ghost Spongeboxxx laughed. then he opened his mouth again to say something.

"We're back Evil Patrixxx!" Ghost Spongeboxxx, "And we're going to take SQUIDWARXXX!!! because we need his dead body!"

"WHY YOO NEAD SQUIDS BODIE??!!??!!?!" Evil Patrixxx asked with a pooping face.

"For SUMMONING of HIMMMM!!!!!" Yelled the Dog Ghost.

"NNO!! NO HIM!!!!!" He yelled as he through the peanut butter at the Vaporwave Ghosts and trapped them in the jar. Eyes Beams shot from Evil Patrixxxs eyes and shot through Ghost Spongeboxxx'es spirit goop. But Ghost Spongeboxxx laughed "Yakyakyakyakyakyakyak."

"You can't kill us!" Spongeboxxx screamed and Normal Patrixxx jumped at the car grabbed Squidwarxxx's body and jumped back as fire busted out of the truck of the car. Squidwarxxx stood up in the trunk and shot fire from his clarinet at Normal Patrixxx.

To be continued...,.............................,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,...